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What People Are Saying…

“The Certification in Pediatric Massage and Early Bonding Workshop is the most comprehensive pre/perinatal course I have ever taken.  The course covers physical, mental, and emotional aspects of childbearing, childrearing, and helping parents/caregivers honor the points of view of babies, parents, and childcare providers and professionals.  I LOVED THIS COURSE!  A+” 

–Susan Highsmith, PhD . Pre and Perinatal Psychologist, Author of The Renaissance of Birth


“The research information and resources are amazing!  What a plethora of information-knowledge base was incredible!   Loved this cass, especially the hands-on and interaction with REAL families!”

-Tamara Talbot, RN, BSN, Early Intervention Specialist


“I believe I found my new topic for my doctorate studies.  I believe this type of healing, interactive bonding is very essential for prevention of many types of health concerns and issues!”

-Wilpita Honie, Masters in Public Health (MPH), Certified Breastfeeding Counselor, Parent Educator.


“I loved the class!  It makes me want to know even more.  I found it valuable and it widened my perspective immensely!!”

-Anonymous RN, Chinle Hospital Obstetric Care Unit 


“Excellent information about the benefits of touch and massage for early bonding.  Instructor is definitely an expert on the subject!  Clever and fun games, I really liked your style!  Enjoyed the hands-on activities.  I know this will be a great tool for working with my families!”

-Jessica Dalton, RN, Community Health Worker