Our mission is to educate and support parents and professionals in raising secure, joyful, empathetic children through touch therapies, education, training, and evidenced-based research, to strengthen families and to create a more compassionate world.



A 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation

The Early Bonding Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization committed to delivering techniques, through education and training of evidenced-based research,  to decrease the potential for abuse and violence in society, to promote optimal growth, development, and bonding for all families, including those with special needs (i.e. Native Americans, families from the NICU, etc..) and to promote improved birth outcomes, by training and certifying Pediatric Massage Instructors and Early Bonding Specialists (CPMEB).  Teaching CPMEB to caregivers provides the necessary tools in making cognitive-behavioral changes through new knowledge about parenting, with a special focus on Touch Therapy.

The organization is dedicated to improving the health of pregnant women and their babies by educating those that directly care for them. We target our services to caregivers and to communities in need due to high incidence of birth defects, developmental delays in children, and violence against pregnant women.

Since our founding in 2014, and even before, we have provided countless hours of continuing education credits and five in-service presentations for local community members and healthcare professionals.

Our classes have provided high quality, informative education to our students and have provided them with the necessary tools to provide excellent care to their patients. Our curriculums have been recognized in the local media and healthcare industry.

We seek to expand our program offerings and service area in order to maximize our impact and extend our reach to those in need. In order to do this, we will increase the number of courses offered on a regular basis and expand our service area. We are currently working with the at risk community of the Arizona American Indian population. While we will continue our work with these individuals, we will also expand our target communities to include incarcerated women, families with special needs, adoption/foster care, and others.

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